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Republicans for
Steuart Pittman

There is ONLY ONE pro-business, pro-public safety, fiscally responsible candidate for Anne Arundel County Executive: Steuart Pittman. The record is clear…

Integrity matters. A county executive who is untrustworthy and dishonest cannot lead... Pittman has principles...Haire has none, other than self-interest.

-Herb McMillan, 3 Term Republican Delegate from District 30, and former Candidate for County Executive 

Haire lacks credibility on landfill issue

In ordinary times, personal integrity and honesty are rarely an issue in local elections. But these are not ordinary times, and in the race for Anne Arundel County executive, Republican nominee Jessica Haire’s honesty and integrity are an issue. 


Communities near the Halle Development Company’s proposed Chesapeake Terrace Rubble Landfill noted Haire had received $251,000 in contributions from the Halle Development Company, 40 contributors named in their letter were all near the maximum contribution amount ($6,000). None lived or worked in Anne Arundel County


Capital Gazette Article

County Executive Steuart Pittman

“As a businessman, taxpayer, and eighth-generation county resident, I have a deep appreciation for our community’s concerns and what must be done to help us all succeed.”


  • Lifelong businessman and farmer, with a solid record of creating private-sector jobs.

  • Spearheaded the Farm Bureau’s successful campaign to deregulate farm businesses by exempting ag buildings from construction and grading permits.

  • Led and grew Maryland’s billion-dollar horse industry trade association. 

  • Created a national market-based system - the Retired Racehorse Project - that transitions racehorses to productive second careers.

Lower Taxes and Fiscal Responsibility

  • Set the county’s property tax rate further below the tax cap than ever in history.

  • Cut the income tax rate on first $50k of taxable income for ALL county taxpayers.

  • Grew county reserve fund and reduced borrowing, causing Moody’s to upgrade our county bond rating to Triple-A for first time in history.

  • Eliminated structural deficit and reduced new borrowing to better prepare county for future national economic problems.

  • In response to a projected national economic downturn, implemented a temporary hiring freeze and cut spending in the Fiscal Year-2021 budget.

  • After years of partisan conflict, County Council this year adopted Steuart Pittman’s proposed budget with broad bipartisan support. 

  • THE OPPONENT: politician Jessica Haire was the ONLY council vote AGAINST adopting the budget that cut taxes and reduced borrowing.

Public Safety

“While violent crime is skyrocketing across our nation, here in Anne Arundel we added 100 police officers and helped drive our serious crime rate down.”

  • Endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police. 

  • Endorsed by the International Association of Firefighters.

  • Serious crime DOWN by 11% in Anne Arundel County, while state and national crime rates surged.

  • Added over 100 sworn officers to the Anne Arundel County Police – a 14% increase – to better fight crime. Our staffing rates are finally approaching the International Association of Chiefs of Police standards for the first time in history. 

  • Added 50 new firefighters, and doubled the pace of training new paramedics.

  • Increased funding for better police training and better police and fire equipment.

  • Raised police officer and firefighter salaries to recruit the best possible new officers and firefighters in this highly-competitive market.

  • THE OPPONENT: politician Jessica Haire is the ONLY council member to vote AGAINST police and fire funding – against more police officers, against more firefighters, against better training, against equipment upgrades – for four years in a row. It is why our police officers and firefighters are not supporting her campaign.

Cutting Excess Regulation

“Government loves to create new regulations and laws, but rarely takes the time to remove the bad ones that cause government inefficiency and add debilitating burdens to our businesses.”

  • Removed regulatory barriers for marinas and nurseries – needless bureaucratic red tape – that served no public or environmental benefit.

  • The pandemic stressed businesses and governments to the breaking point. Responding to the crisis, Steuart Pittman streamlined the county’s inspections and permits process with new leadership and more staff to cut wait times and end processing backlogs. Inspectors were directed to put customers first.

  • Improved the county’s purchasing process to maximize opportunities for businesses to fairly compete.

  • Simplified and streamlined the permit process during the pandemic for outdoor dining at restaurants. This involved creative solutions like allowing parking areas and sidewalks to be converted to outdoor dining. This quick response helped many struggling restaurants survive during the state’s mandated COVID-19 restrictions. 

  • Created tax incentives to attract data centers to the county.

  • Created a new county position charged with cutting red tape by coordinating the land use departments and moving good projects forward.

  • Removed barriers and expedited permits for a new Glen Burnie Revitalization area.

  • Removed regulatory obstacles to development of housing in support of national defense programs near Fort Meade.

  • IN THE NEXT TERM: Steuart Pittman’s will conduct a top to bottom review of ALL county regulations with the goal of simplifying the code by eliminating all unneeded, duplicative, or unnecessarily burdensome rules. His work groups are already preparing legislative proposals for this major county code rewrite. This project will streamline permitting while still protecting our environmental assets. Implementing our county’s community-sourced Plan 2040 requires us to remove obstacles to smart growth.

  • THE OPPONENT: politician Jessica Haire has never run a business, never created jobs, and her campaign is already $500,000 in debt.

Mental and Behavioral Health

  • Reduced fatal opioid overdoses 17% in 2021, and another 32% this year to date.

  • Expanded police/clinician Crisis Intervention Teams – the national “best practices” standard for policing.

  • Created youth mental health services through a new county/school system Joint Mental Health Task Force.

  • Increased funding for mental and behavioral health programs to improve treatment, and to help reduce violence and homlessness. 

  • Created the interagency Gun Violence Intervention Team – modeled after our successful Opioid Intervention Team – to reduce violent crime in our community.

  • THE OPPONENT: politician Jessica Haire repeatedly voted AGAINST funding better mental health and addiction treatment programs in our county.

Why Republicans are Saying No to Jessica Haire

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